Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Stillness of Growth

Well, it seems I've been something of a Luddite over the past.... oh dear - 3 years since I began this blog and only made one post!  This is the beginning of me being much more conscientious about my blogging, I promise!  You may be wondering what became of all these hares and crows, if you've been reading the previous post, so I'll fill you in by all means....

Eventually I felt the need to explore other areas and subjects and elements within the theme of wildlife, and expanded out into drawing some other creatures....

I continued with these, and with the simple nettle studies that I mentioned in the last post, and all of this culminated in an exhibition at Saltburn Gallery, which I titled "The Stillness of Growth".  I was very pleased with this show, and it was well received by all who came along.  I decided to show the nettle studies in a very simple way in terms of their presentation, simply attaching them to a smaller piece of foam board on the back and sticking them to the wall, so that only the drawing on paper was present, slightly raised from the wall, and placed in rows along two of the gallery walls.

This poem by Teesside poet Bob Beagrie served to compliment the work on show:

And this one sold on the opening night! 

These lovely photos of the night were all taken by Sheffield based photographer John O' Malley.

After this show I began working with Natural Partners card and fine art print company, who now supply my images to stockists all over the country, and I went on to have exhibitions in the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, the Congregational Gallery in Rothbury, Northumberland, The Turnstone Gallery in Sandsend, and Zillah Bell in Thirsk, as well as a few pieces in Coast Gallery, Scarborough, Chris Geall Gallery in Grosmont and the Palace Hub gallery in Redcar.  Phew!

My next big show will be at the Danby moors centre in August 2014, where I'll be showing with two fantastic wildlife sculptors, Emma Stothard and Stef Ottevanger.  More details of that to follow nearer the time, in the meantime, I'm busy cracking on making work for it! 

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