Saturday, 26 April 2014

Summer Beckons...

It's time for another instalment from the creative comings-and-goings of Andy Broderick!  It has been a very good start to the year I'm happy to announce, including a multinational textile company have bought the rights to some of my images to print onto cushions and other various household items (apparently English country wildlife is very in fashion at the moment!)  So watch out in your local House of Fraser, you might just see some of my work, including this little baby, the original of which I subsequently sold to a visitor to my studio a couple of weeks ago.

I am also delighted to be the latest artist on the books at Gallerina in Darlington, who have sold two pieces of my work already this year, and are waiting for some more off me so they can give my a permanent wall, how exciting!  Richard and Helen who run the gallery cultivate a very relaxed, inviting and accessible atmosphere, and I highly recommend you drop in to see the other really excellent work that they have on show there, or even just for a natter and a cup of coffee, which they also love there.  You can have a little peek at their web-doings here:

This coming week will see my work hung once again on the walls of the Congregational gallery in Rothbury, Northumberland.  One of my favourite places to show, not least because the building is very impressive and a beautiful place to show and view work, but also because Rothbury is such a lovely little town, especially this time of year, and the bread and cakes that are baked by Linda, the owner of the gallery are of the highest quality!  I played last year at Rothbury Roots supporting Dana and Susan Robinson which went well and the Congregational gallery are keen to get me to play a little set for them at an event in the gallery sometime in May, so keep an eye on their Facebook for further details about this.
 I'll be taking the work down this Monday, and among the selected pieces is this one which I received fresh from the framers only yesterday. Hope it sells.

Still to come this year will be my exhibition at the Danby Moors Centre which I'm really looking forward to.  It's a fine gallery space in a beautiful setting and is really setting a name for itself having recently had shows by esteemed artists William Tillyer and Peter Hicks (which is still on if you fancy a look) so it's quite an honour for me to be showing there.  
The work for that one is coming along nicely, and to help me with it I invested in a new camera with a good zoom lens to help me get some nice shots of the local wildlife.  In the Easter holidays a couple of weeks ago I took it to Hawes in Wensleydale and got some really fantastic images which I can work from.  Mind, I had to go out at 6am to get them, but it was worth it!  

Some of these little critters might find their way onto the walls of the Moors Centre Gallery in August!
Meanwhile I'll leave you with a little sample of what I'm working on at the minute.  

Take care 

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